Data Protection

Data Processing at DB Cargo Bulgaria EOOD

Subsequent you will find information on how we process personal data outside of our website and outside of processes relating to the provision of offers or services to private customers.

This may be the case if a person contacts us by phone, e-mail or paper form with a request indicating personal data or if we receive personal data from third parties and process it. Both can also be done as part of an administrative procedure.

Personal data may also be processed if you are a business partner/customer or work as a service provider for us, on the occasion of participation in a fair or event of DB or in the context of other communication with us, e.g. via the customer magazine or other communication channels.

Updated on October 18th, 2018

DB Cargo Bulgaria EOOD is the responsible party for collecting and processing your data. The entity is registered in the Trade Register at Registry Agency , with a seat and address of the registered office:

Industrial zone
2070 Pirdop

In terms of the topics related to collecting and processing personal data within the company as well as in case of any questions, suggestions and/or criticism in relation to data protection, please contact:

Mrs Svetlana Bambekova
HR Manager
Tel.: +359 728 60 251

All personal data collection and processing are based on Art.6 (1) EU Regulation 2016/679 in case one of below pointed out requirements is applicable at least:

  1. Prior consent
  2. Performance of contract
  3. Compliance with a legal obligation
  4. Vital interests
  5. Reasons of public interest
  6. Legitimate interests of the controller

All data collection and processing is performed according to a certain and regulated order described in the internal company instruction in compliance with  Art.6 (1), b) and e) based on  EU Regulation 2016/679. DB Cargo Bulgaria is collecting and processing personal data as per following reasons:

  1. Administration of labor relations of company employees including all activities related to Human resources management.
  2. Execution of law obligations of the employer for ensuring healthy and safety environment and conditions including through conducting of the mandatory medicine staff checks.
  3. Complying with law regulations in terms of administration of the finance relationships with employees.
  4. Accounting of the documents related to purchasing and sales activities within the company as well as related to finance and accounting operations executed by the company.
  5. Management and control of the finance reporting within the company.
  6. Administration and preparation of necessary documentation related to administrative relationships between company and its employees and clients and contractors such as business trip assignments, hotel bookings, issuing of Board resolutions and orders, storage of commercial contracts.
  7. Railway incidents investigations related to entity business.

In cases, different from aforementioned the company collects and processes personal data, only if they are voluntary submitted such as:

1. If you have connected the company on behalf of our business partner’s employee, we will store and process your official contact data as follows:

  • Business partner for whom you are currently working for;
  • Names;
  • Job position;
  • E-mail address;
  • Telephone number (mobile and/or land line);
  • Fax number;

2. Processing of aforementioned data is in compliance with Art.6 (1) based on  EU Regulation 2016/679 and it serves for the following purposes:

  • In order to give us the chance to identify you as a contact person for our business partner;
  • For business correspondence;
  • In order to inform you or to propose you the services which our company offers;
  • In order to initiate, maintain or terminate contract business relationships;

In cases when other entities of Deutsche Bahn submit to us aforementioned data for aforementioned purposes, especially you have contacted them on matter which is the scope of our competence and/or business area.

Data transfer from the company towards third parties or country is possible only if a person to whom the data is relevant has given his/her personal consent related to cases in which the data is necessary for implementing contract obligations between the company and the person as well as for activities which had happened before concluding of the contract and taken based on a person’s requirement. Personal data are transferred and in cases when they are necessary for implementing of contract obligation concluded in a person’s interest between the company and other party.    

In cases, when it is required the company may transfer personal data towards third party outside of European Economic Area, the company transfers the data if one of the following condition is fully met:  

  • the data transfer is towards third country in terms of which the European Commission has taken an adequacy decision; or
  • execution of the data transfer is based on one of the law requirements described in Chapter Five, EU Regulation 2016/679;

In addition, the company is eligible to share information with third parties only if this is required either by business relationships, or it is allowed by the law.

DB Cargo Bulgaria is a part a The DB Group is an international group with companies inside and outside Europe. Therefore, data transmission to a third country outside the EU/EEA may be required in certain cases. We only transfer data to a third country if the legal requirements for this are met. The data subjects will be informed accordingly in advance.

Usually, we conclude “Standard contractual clauses” with recipients in the third country, which provide adequate guarantees for the protection of personal data.

Your data will be deleted as soon as they are no longer required for the purpose for which they were collected (e.g. within the framework of a contractual relationship). Your data must also be deleted if it is not permissible to store them (particularly if the data are inaccurate and correction is not possible). Where legal or practical obstacles prevent deletion, the data are blocked (e.g. special archiving obligations).

  1. You can request information about what data is stored about you.
  2. You may request rectification, deletion and limitation of the processing (blocking) of your personal data as long as this is legally permissible and possible within the framework of an existing contractual relationship.
  3. You have the right to receive personal data in a machine-readable format, if you have provided us on the basis of a consent or a contract (data portability).
  4. If the processing is based on a legitimate interest, you may object to data processing for reasons that arise from its particular situation.
  5. You may also object to data processing for the purpose of direct mail.
  6. If you have given us consent for data processing, you can revoke it at any time in the same way that you have granted it. The revocation of the consent does not affect the legality of the processing due to the consent until the revocation.
  7. You have the right according to Art. 77 based on EU Regulation 2016/679
    to appeal to a supervisory authority (Personal Data Protection Commission) following a legal order described on the website of the Commission. Contact details of supervisory authority are follow as:

    Name: Personal Data Protection CommissionStreet: “prof. Tzvetan Lazarov” 2
    Post Code City: Sofia city, 1592
    Fax: 02 9153525
  8. DB Cargo Bulgaria EOOD will give a full support to Personal Data Protection Commission in dealing with such complaints and will comply with all recommendations, remarks and/or instructions given by supervisory authority.
  9. If you consider that your personal data are not processing  in a lawful manner as per Art.6 (1) “e” based on EU Regulation 2016/679, you have the right as per Art.21 based on EU Regulation 2016/679 to object against the processing of these data in case you have a more legitimate reason.

If you would like to use your right of objection you could send an e-mail on the following e-mail address: