Wagon under crane with steel plate loading


 Your specialist in metal industry

DB Cargo Bulgaria is strongly focused on the rail transportation needs of our customers in the metal industry.

Compared to other markets in Europe the Bulgarian market is characterized by a few big industrial clients and great dependence of their results. Market dynamic is changing the trend which requires a more flexible approach in capacity management.

The value chain in the metal and steel industry stretches even further across countries and continents. Metal products and raw materials are imported from emerging economies such as the North and South America, China, India and there are also exported volumes from Bulgaria to South Africa, China and etc.

We organize transport chains from the supply of raw materials to the delivery of finished goods.

We are trying to organize the best possible interconnection of rail and shipping routes - even at times of highly fluctuating demand. Our set of freight cars is dedicated to transport of metal products and raw materials (copper concentrate). The covering system of the wagons prevents cargo from contaminants as water/snow and also from losses due to the wind dusting effect. It’s a win-win solution for our client as well as for the environment.

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