From local siding operator to international rail freight company

DB Cargo is a leading rail operator in 15 countries in Europe

The present subsidiary DB Schenker Rail Bulgaria was founded in 2002 as a branch of Logistic Services Danubius, focusing on in-plant switching services.

In 2010, DB Schenker Rail Bulgaria EOOD was established as a 100% subsidiary of DB Mobility Logistics AG - a leading global provider of integrated logistics services who has one of the most developed transport networks.

Since May 2010 DB Schenker Rail Bulgaria has traction license and operates since June 2010.

Since March 2016 the company is renamed DB Cargo Bulgaria and it`s the third largest railway company in Bulgaria with more than 16% market share and about 280 employees. For 2014, the Company transported 1.66 million tons and the transport performance is 554 million ton-kilometers.

Above all DB Cargo Bulgaria is a green alternative in the field of transport services - low energy consumption, low emissions of pollutants and noise reduction compared to road transport. The Company protects the environment and dramatically reduces the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.